I Have A Lot of Making Up to Do Next Arbor Day.

Just remembered I have bar league volleyball tomorrow so I will hammer out one more blog post tonight and skip tomorrow’s update.

I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Trees are a major part of the economy around here. I love trees and nature, so long as they stay the hell off of my lawn. Now I didn’t just have three trees in my yard, I had twenty three, a quarter of which have a parasitic bug in them killing them. These were no ordinary 8′ tall Oaks these things were absolute monster pines…. and I had to kill every one of them. Here is a google maps before tree eradication photo. 

And here is one more before of the Biggest one occupying my front yard.

But how to get rid of these monsters? This front one is enveloped in telephone and cable lines, surely the public utilities will offer me some assistance! Not a chance. Surely I will hire a tree serv- over $3000 you say? Sheeeeiiiit… Screw it, I’m doing it with some help.

I called in some favors to family friends and managed to get a hold of two very important pieces of equipment, a mini excavator, and a 60′ man lift. Since these pines trees are so wide and grouped up on top of each other there was no real safe way to just take the chainsaw and insure that they would drop anywhere near a safe zone. What my father and I ended up doing was climbing into the bucket with the chainsaw and limbing these things starting from the bottom to the top. One man would cut, while the other held onto the branch and dropped it away from the base of the man lift. When it got windy I ended up getting super seasick, not because the bucket was moving, but because of how much the trees themselves swayed.

The tall tree in front could only be limbed to this height because we ran out of boom. The tree was near 80′ tall. Once the trees were sufficiently limbed we had to bring these bad mother bitches down. The way we accomplished that was by taking the lift back up the trees, tying a 200′ long rope to them, lowering the boom, driving the boom away, having one man start sawing the base of the tree, while the rest of us pulled on the rope the direction we wanted them to fall. For the larger trees we tied the rope onto a 3/4 ton diesel truck and gave them a good firm tug.

We left the three pines that were near the house for last in order to act as a shield for the house. and continued to drop more and more pines.

Fast forward a few days and trees

Comparison shot to the google maps one I put at the beginning of the post:

With no trees covering 3/4 of it you can see how truly dilapidated my garage is.

The cement pad is from the tin shed that used to be hidden in the trees.

The amount of branches from these trees was incredible. We have a 12′ long dump trailer with sides around 4′ tall and it took 12 total loads in branches alone for all of the trees, and another five loads of just logs. It is amazing how simple this whole process looks when you just snap a couple of pictures, but in reality removing these trees took up three entire weekends and I had the help of a mini excavator one day to load up the majority of the wood and brush.

Disposal was the easy part. I just drove all of the wood to my parents house. They have 10 acres of land and an outdoor wood boiler. The brush will be burnt this spring or fall when there has been a large amount of rain.

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