The 70’s Were A Time When It Was Acceptable To Put Wood Paneling On Cars and In Houses

Before we get to the pictures : a story. My house was built in the very early 1900’s when insulation was either non existent or people loved the thought of working 80 hours a week in the iron mine then coming home to shovel coal into the furnace. There is zero insulation in my walls but there was a decent amount in my attic. The problem : It wasn’t nice bats of fiberglass that could be easily removed, it was a mixture of vermiculite and blown wool. If you don’t know what vermiculite is : I envy you.  The only real way to get this mixture out of my attic was to scoop it out, or just drop the ceiling and shovel it off of the floor. I had a third option available that worked, somewhat. A family friend has a duct cleaning business and what amounts to a 8hp vacuum. This rig has a 8 inch hose that is so powerful that it sucks your entire hand into the end of it even if you are prepared for it.

What I did was climb up into the attic and suck out the vermiculite and wool from half of my house until I heard a lot of yelling coming from outside. Once the blown wool hit the vacuum it atomized and even though we had it dumping into a tarped trailer there was a giant cloud of wool particles that stood taller than my house that began to drift over the neighborhood. Needless to say, the neighbors were not amused with my attempt to save myself some grunt work. I managed to get half of the attic sucked out before I had to go on damage control and apologize to my now understandably pissed neighbors.

Now with the neighbors placated I decided to make some more dust. I decided to begin in the front bedroom since it was completely unused at the time and easy to seal off from the rest of the house. I referred to this room as the porn den for the longest time because of the wood paneling and long red shag carpet.

It was at this point I was starting to get sick of plaster so I decided to grab my ladder and do some work outside. Up on the roof.

And in an incredibly hot attic.

With the new furnace installed I no longer have any need for an unnecessary hole in my roof to flash around and a waste of my very valuable living room space.

You can see in this picture my legs, the sledgehammer, and the ramp I made to funnel the rest of the attic insulation into the dump trailer.

Ceiling mostly dropped down, insulation mostly out, old scary wiring, and a mess on the floor. The cleaning never ends!

Next update : Shingles, no, not the skin condition and expanding the demo into the living room

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  1. Oh wood paneling – I used to work in a studio where wood paneling was king and some kind of sound impact foam was runner up.

    The wood paneling is still there to this day, the foam has started to disintegrate.

    I’m sure it looked horn back then.

    Great blog btw, keep it up!


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