House On Hillbilly Hill.

Working construction all day and then working on my own house can sometimes start to get tedious. Luckily I have the mind of a child and am amused by simple things. Here are some pictures I wanted to share but have no real theme.

My Baby! It is a 1972 Ford Fairmont Wagon.

Less than 43000 miles!

Seventies Sexy…. Or as sexy as someone in their seventies.

My hillbilly tub surround/shower head.

I’ve found the best way to make art classier is to put Power Rangers window clings on them.

I didn’t buy a dumpster to NOT play in it on uneven surfaces. I thought this was America.

Football Sunday!

Someone really liked their Red Dog.

I really don’t know what to say to this one… Thank You?

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Two goofballs dip their toes into half assed homesteading and attempting to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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