Review for Olive Garden

I just want to start with saying that Olive Garden has always been a favorite restaurant of mine, but now I may be in love with them! Most restaurants are clueless about carbohydrate count unless you go to a fast food place. Even big chain restaurants do not always have nutrition information available which makes eating out a gamble for diabetics!

Well, if you are looking for a restaurant that has delicious food and has all nutrition information available (this includes allergens) than look no further! Olive Garden has a binder with a complete list of nutrition and allergies for everything on the menu. They are even willing to work your dietary restrictions. At least, they did with me.

Most restaurants I feel completely stupid when I request nutrition information. The waiter or waitress will give me a blank stare and then proceed to tell me the amount of calories, which does me absolutely no good!

Not Olive Garden! The last two times I have gone the waiters have been kind and considerate. One waiter even had them wait to prepare my food so I could take my insulin. Turns out he was diabetic too.

It is so nice to be able to go to a restaurant that cares about the people who eat there. You are not just someone paying for food. You are someone they want to have a wonderful time. Olive Garden will have me for a repeat customer for the rest of my life.

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