Low Carb Grocery Store Sections

You know what sucks? There are no low carbohydrate or carbohydrate free sections in grocery stores. There are gluten free, organic, vegetarian, and so much more, but no diabetic friendly sections. This amazes me considering how many diabetics there are. We are sadly only growing in numbers.

So I ask why no has thought to have a low carb section? And none of that keto crap. I always get so disappointed when I find something low carb only to discover it is “net carbs”. Come on!!

Certainly grocery stores would sell these products. It seems every third person I speak to is diabetic; type 1 or 2. It is tiresome reading all the labels just to find which one is the lowest carb. I do order a lot online. Amazon has an amazing selection of low carb items. Maybe Whole Foods, which Amazon just purchased, will have a low carb section? One would hope! Sadly will do me no good since there are no Whole Food stores near me. The joys of living in small town America.

Yes there are plenty of brands and foods I have learned are lower carb or free of carbs, but it would be nice to just have a section I could go to. Why does everyone else get a section and not the lower carbers? Even a keto section, yes I said it, would be better than nothing.

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Two goofballs dip their toes into half assed homesteading and attempting to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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