Superior State of Mind : Property Lines Agreed Upon

Well, we reached an agreement with my brother in law / Katie’s brother to purchase a 2.5 acre parcel from him. 2.5 acres is the minimum lot size for the rural residential district that we’re in. The blue rectangle isn’t where the house will be located, but just a scale for the size of the home and garage.

Floor Plans

So now that I am bringing the blog into what I’ve done on the main floor of the house I figured it was time to do a layout of the place so that people can place the pictures to a portion of the house. 

What I plan on doing is pushing the bedroom walls out 1 foot into the living room, shrinking the closets from 3 to 2 feet deep in order to make the bedroom facing the front of the house an additional 1 foot wider, moving the back doorway to the other side of the house, making the basement stairs come out into the living room, and completely changing the layout of the kitchen. Here is another picture to more easily explain the previous run on sentence.

Sorry for the brevity of this post, but ended up doing a roof late this week and worked on the house all weekend. Will update with more content soon, and a video walkthrough is coming eventually.