Target Vs. Walmart: Baby Registries and Boxes

When I went to Motherhood for clothes they signed me up for a baby box for only $2. I figured $2 did not seem like a bad price and the women at the counter promised it was worth it. It was! There were coupons worth 100’s of dollars, a free baby bottle, free subscriptions to magazines like Parents and much more. I was intrigued! Who else offered these wonderful boxes? So I started researching and reading blogs about baby boxes. I found out about Babylist, which turned out to be a great site! You can link certain registries to it and they send you fun weekly emails about the stages your baby is at. I have everything set up through it for my baby shower. It was about $10 for the box, but was worth it! Check out our video blog to see what was inside! Amazon also as a baby box, but you need to spend $10 on your registry first to get it. I think that seems fair. We have not spent $10 yet, but I know we will soon. When we get the box we will post a video when it arrives.

So, on to Target and Walmart. This blog post is about my experience with both companies in signing up for a baby registry and getting the baby boxes. I first went to Walmart. According to a blog I read and Walmart’s website you go to customer service first. So Joe and I went straight to customer service. They looked at us like we were idiots and stated matter of factually that everything is online and then turned away. Perplexed I asked about the baby box. The women next to the counter turned to me with a raised eye brow and said “I have never heard of that.” I let her know that I read about the box on their website. The man by the counter said with his head bobbing very dismissively, “Well you read it on the internet so it has to be true.” Honestly, I almost walked out of the store then, but I knew a lot of my relatives shopped at Walmart and would likely go there for buying a baby gift. Experiences like this is why I choose to order off of Amazon instead and why I go to more expensive grocery stores. I still go to Walmart when I have to, but only when I am using their grocery app (which can be very faulty) or they are the only store that has the product I need.

After the interaction I pulled up the Walmart app and found the baby registry on there. It was actually very simple to use. Your phone is the scanner. You go to the baby section and scan the barcode of the items you want. It does automatically put items on when you sign up…all of which I removed. This was an annoying step to me. I guess Walmart assumes this will be the only place you register, but not this girl. After you complete your baby registry you go to and follow the instructions. Supposedly a free baby box is shipped to you. We have yet to receive our box. I did receive an email from customer service asking for a review on items in the box. I replied to the email that we have yet to receive the box. They promptly replied to please allow 4-6 weeks for the box to arrive. Then why are they sending the email so soon? Suffice it to say my experience with Walmart baby registry and baby box was terrible. Unless the box has untold wonders in it I do not recommend even going through the trouble. When and if the box arrives Joe and I will post a video blog about it.

So after my Walmart experience I felt very discouraged about baby boxes, but earlier this week Joe and I had an opportunity to stop at Target. I knew that they also had a baby box available and per their website you stop by the customer service desk. Joe dropped me off by the door while he parked the car and I went straight to customer service. I nervously approached the desk prepared to feel like an idiot. A woman greeted me very nicely and I asked about signing up for a baby registry. She excitedly told me congratulations and that she would be happy to help me. She asked if my phone was fully charged. I said yes. She asked me to pull up my app store and showed me how to set up a registry. Meanwhile Joe came in and joined the conversation. After everything was set up and explained she pulled out a green folder with information about baby registries and handed it to us. She said with a smile, “When you are all done come back and will give you a free baby bag filled with coupons and free items.” She then handed us two coupons for free drinks at Starbucks and again told us congratulations. The baby section at Target was amazing! They had everything. To be honest I could see someone completely registering at Target and not needing to go anywhere else. It was so organized. They even had a postpartum section for mothers. The app was a little glitchy, but that might have been my phone. It had a hard time reading some of the barcodes, but we managed to make it work.

After, we went back to customer service. The woman was gone, but there was a young man who greeted us nicely. We let him know we completed our baby registry. He immediately went and got the baby bag and asked if we could go to the Target website so he could get the code he needed. He handed us the bag and told us to have a nice day. Starbucks was next to customer service so we went there and each got a free drink. I told them I was pregnant and diabetic and they helped me figure out a drink I could get. They made me a sugar-free Mexican hot chocolate latte that was caffeine-free, half milk, and half heavy whipping cream with whipped cream on top. Oh my god was it delicious! Joe picked something from the menu. On our cups they wrote congratulations!

So my overall experience at Target was amazing! Please go there and register for a baby registry. We have not opened the bag yet, but I peeked inside a little and looks like some cool stuff. We will be doing a video blog about it soon, so keep your eyes peeled! If you are deciding between Walmart or Target for registering for baby things I 100% recommend Target over Walmart. Target had wonderful customer service and the infant section was wonderfully maintained. Most importantly…THEY DID NOT MAKE ME FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT. Sorry Walmart, but Target has you beat.